Assist in developing the Project Quality
Management system by establishing procedures, plans and work instructions as needed.
Monitor implementation of the
Asset/Project/Function Quality Management
System through regular audits and reviews.
Assist in developing and monitoring implementation of the Asset Integrity
Verification Scheme throughout the Define and Execute Phases.
Participate and provide input into technical HSE and integrity reviews.
Establish and monitor Key Performance
Indicators (KPIs) to measure quality performance in different areas of work development and at various project Phases.
Develop and ensure QA requirements are incorporated into Tender Documents,
Contracts and Purchase Orders.
Monitor and report on compliance and nonconformists and maintain relevant records.
Promotes Quality Awareness among project team members, contractors and vendors.
Identify and manage risks that could impact achieving quality objectives.
Follow up on action items and maintain status register.
Carry out and facilitate criticality assessment sessions and develop Quality Intervention
Plans for procured items.
Develop and maintain QA/QC lessons learned register.
Prepare monthly quality report
Contribute to the annual Management Review.



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