• Co-ordinate internal activities to supply Customer/Lab/Suppliers during prototype and pre-serial phases.
  • Co-ordinate logistic study with Purchasing, Industrial, Plant and Sales for serial phase.
  • Ensure 100% component availability to support prototypes build in line with program needs, for this to collect Customer and Project needs, calculate and  follow up stocks, inform PM and PB about parts to order, track components delivery to Alphatech, coordinate with IE and QE injection and BM trials schedule and transport.
  • Ensure internal Alphatech logistics between Alphastore, prototypes workshop, plants  and Laboratories.
  • Identify risks (lead time, availability, delivery, transport etc) and implement corrective actions with program team members and external suppliers.
  • Organise transport as required between sub contractors, suppliers, plants, Alphatech and customer delivery locations.
  • Organise and follow up serial logistic study with Purchasing, Industrial, Plant and Sales.


Personal Background

  • Automotive Supplier experience, in particular: prototype build, supplier & sub contractor management, supply chain.



Skills & Abilities

  • Purchasing/Supply chain qualification  (Bac+5)
  • Fluent French & English
  • Teamworking skills
  • SAP basic knowledge (MM module)
  • MS Office general skills + Expert/Advanced User in Excel



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